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Rascal here!

I love to race through the house... like a maniac!

Client since 2003

Buster & Charley Here,

Our family has been using Whach-A-Pet for thirty years! Client Since 1985

I'm Cali,

I live with Vino. See if you can find his pic.
Client Since 2011

Hello, Im Notte, That's Italian.

Me & my kitty mates have been with Tracy Since 1999

Hi there,

I'm Maybe.. Maybe we'll keep her, Maybe we wont!

I'm Little,
I'm lucky enough to be Tracy's kitty. Along with Big & Momma.

Hi, Just call me Tare.

My owner told Tracy she would never see me!

Client since 2014


I'm Little Momma, Better known as Momma to my mom, Tracy... I  love to chase shadows on the walls.

Hi, Im Moka and that's Scruffy. We love cat nip and to be combed.

Client since 1999

We're Finn & Tommy and we love our dog Guinness and each other.

Client since 2010

My name is BK. That's short for Big Kitty. Which I am. I have to be Furminated every month or I double in size.

Client since 2000

Willy here,
I require a very tall waste disposal box.
Client Since 2013

Hey, It's Humphrey here,

I'm very shy and won't come out till the second visit. Then I'm out all the time with my three siblings.

Client Since 2012

Hey, I'm Lucy,
My counter part is another white named Ethel. We come out for wet food, love and to puke on the carpet!
Client Since 2005

Hello there,

I'm Ernie and Tracy has been watching me for thirteen years, since I was a kitten.

Client Since 2002

I'm Coco,

I love to jump out and grab your leg and then have your chase me.