Hey! I'm Kaylee,

How fricken cute am I?

Client Since 2007

Hello, I'm Franky and  I have diabetes. Tracy gives me my insulin injections and lots of love when mom is away.

Client Since 2014

I'm Tido and I love to eat mangos and I'm Shilo one of my ears is crinkled.

Client Since 2014

Yes, I am Colette, a former show dog. And, I am Trixie, I constantly want to put your hand in my mouth.

Client Since 2000

I'm Rocky and I'm the geatest hunter in Dania Beach!

Client Since 1999

Hi, We're Olivia & Henry, Tracy has saved both of our lives. We're thriving now and love to walk with Tracy.

Client Since 2008

Hi! I'm Bentley and I love to bark, bark,bark. And I pee at a drop of a hat!

Client since 2005

Just playin! We're Reggy & Lucy and we love to play with each other. We are Tracy's second set of pups to take care of from our family.

Client Since 2002

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Hi, I'm Ajax and I love to go on walks with Tracy. She's been walking our family since 2002

Hello there,

I'm Teddy. Tracy has been walking me and my predecessors every day for Sixteen years! That's got to be a record.

Hi, Hi,

I'm Lily. I've been taken care of by Tracy since I was a puppy and I'm now 28! She took care of Zoe & Molly before me.

Client Since 2005


We are Magnum & Mia,

We're big, cuddly and new!

Tracy walks us twice a week.

Client Since 2015

Melanie & Taz here,

Our mom found Tracy on Angie's List and we love, love her.

 Client Since 2013

We're Zelda & Nikki,

We love to walk fast and will sing for treats.

Client Since 2007

I'm Guinness and I'm addicted to tennis balls and playing in the pool.

Client Since 2010

I'm Oliver and I live with Bentley.. I bounce around like a bunny!

Client Since 2005